YogiWotan Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Olive Green)


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Limited edition long sleeve T-shirt with custom artwork by Sunken Stag, featuring high-quality front, back and sleeve prints.

The front print depicts Odin for what he is: the ultimate Yogi, in search of the highest wisdom, transcendence, and total unification with the supreme Self—the Paramatman.

Seated in lotus position, he holds Gungnir—the holy weapon representing the path of action—and the mummified head of Mimir—deathless wisdom itself—within his iron grasp. The serpent king Vasuki lays coiled around his neck, a symbol of being simultaneously beyond Time, and yet the master of it.

The back and sleeve prints contain the authentic Vedic Sanskrit text of the Gāyatrī mantra, a prayer to the Sun from that oldest of Indo-European holy books, the Rig Veda:

That Sun is worthy of praise
May we meditate on the glory of God,
May He grant us highest intellect.

This shirt contains artwork, symbolism and words of great meaning and power, and should not be worn by those enslaved by the lower parts of their nature. Wear it with caution, and only when living a life aligned with Dharma.

Printed with pride in Vinland on 100% cotton premium olive green shirts. Fitted North American sizing.

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